The Striptease Trail at Tsitsikamma

Striptease TrailAmanda and I had heard about the Striptease Trail at the Tsitsikamma Lodge and we had put it on our bucket list. We noticed that members of the facebook group of Eastern Cape Naturist Association (ECNA) were planning to do the Striptease Trail and we let them know that we would also like to join them if possible. Garth and Wendy asked when would be a good time and we mentioned the 13th or 14th February – as we would be on our way back from Badensfontein and that would save us a trip from Pretoria.

Luckily for us, ECNA then agreed on Saturday, 13th February even though it was Valentine’s weekend. We slept at Tsitsikamma Lodge on the Friday night and after breakfast we had a “Couples Massage” – after alKaalgat Pooll it was Valentine’s weekend. We watched a newly married couple being photographed in the beautiful surroundings of the lodge while we waited for the other 4 couples and a single guy all from ECNA to arrive. We registered for the Striptease Trail at Reception and studied the map which they gave to us. Their sense of humour was amazing in the trail instructions, we had a good laugh.

Once everybody had arrived we headed for the first pool of nine pools which is called the Honeymoon Pool and the pool was deeper and better than expected so I was not surprised when everyone in our group stripped completely – I mean why wait until the last pool? Topless PoolOne of the ladies beat us all to it! She and her husband were the first in and the last out. The water was the colour of Coca Cola but drinkable and clean. We all had a swim and then headed for the Halfway Pool and then the Bikini Pool. Each pool is about a 10 to 15 minute walk from each other. Next was the Topless Pool then the G-String Pool. Much to my surprise, the pools seemed to get better each time.

Next was the Bottomless Pool followed by the Boobs Pool which was a really nice, deep, pool. That was my favourite pool. After that, we then swam in the lovely Fantasy Pool before heading for the final pool which is the Kaalgat Pool (the sign also says “Full Monty”) but about a hundred meters from the pool, there is a bell with a sign instructing everybody to “Ring the bell” before proceeding to the Kaalgat Pool. We guessed it was to warn shy types of people that somebody is approaching just in case they want to “cover up”. Bikini PoolThe Kaalgat Pool was big and deep and we could easily have spent hours there!

Time was now running out so we headed back to the Lodge using the much shorter, much easier, return trail, via the top of the mountain. We all agreed that the Striptease Trail was a lot tougher than we thought it would be but it was worth the effort. IMG_2012That night, we really enjoyed the braai with Greg, Bev, Garth, Wendy. Unfortunately, one of the ladies broke her ankle when she twisted it on her way back. Other than that, it was a fantastic weekend and we are able to tick it off – on our bucket list.

In hindsight, we should have left earlier to do the Striptease Trail, next time (and there will be a next time), we will leave at 10h00 latest! Thank you so much ECNA!

Lofty and Amanda

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